The blower’s daughter

Sometimes in the midst of my crazy life, I forget a few things:

I am really blessed.

That I have a bad habit of falling for the wrong men.

The first is in reference to having an unmistakable face and unmistakable attitude. I was noticed today by someone I had not seen in two years and she called me out and noted the extreme changes in my temperament and personality. I was bolder, more emblazoned and somehow, more beautiful.

The second is in reference to my luck involving the opposite gender. I find myself falling for men who are taken, and their distance only further pushes me away. I am victim to their lust and I distance myself from them because I do not want to be the “other girl.”

I find little notes of happiness here and there, I am healing, I am improving, I am growing up. I am starting to say things more confidently and move in a more graceful manner, rather than the haphazard steps I often stumbled on.


I am reminded of songs from my past. Most notably this one:



Where he falls in love from a distance, only to realize it was never to be.

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