The train ride

Day 2:

I find myself awake at three in the morning completely and utterly confused. I’m not tired. But I will be. I get ready lightning fast and run to catch my shuttle.

I get on my shuttle and I knock out. I’ve missed my stop at the end of the line. A testament to my life. The conductor is actually getting off duty and he offers to take me to my destination on the other side of the city – for a price.

I decide to take him up on this offer. I’m getting in a car with a man who barely speaks English, is older than me, And potentially could do horrible things to me because he controls what happens to me.

Reluctantly, I accept, but remain wary. My fingers dangle on my knife and I try to keep my nervousness hidden.

He drives like a maniac and is trying to talk to me.

I’m lucky I have forty dollars in my pocket.

When he parks at the station I give him my forty dollars and pray to God that I don’t have to pay for anything else that day.

And just my luck. The train is delayed by forty five minutes. I’m sitting there contemplating everything. Thankful for the kindness these strangers have shown me but also relieved that I’m not only getting to my destination in southern California but I’m safe.

I get there and immediately my uncle recognizes me and runs to me to hug me. Its at this moment my phone goes off a lot.

People know I’m here and want to see me. I spend most of the day sleeping and the other parts trying to find these people.

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