I’d like to think I have a great sense of humor, but I can’t really tell a joke that well; I’m far too analytical. In any case here are a few things I’ve heard in a while:

Teacher: “if two brothers go around claiming that they’re plumbers what are they?” (In terms of social class)
Student: “Iconic video game characters!”

Teacher: “Keep this accounting textbook and look at it often and remember me.”
Student: “I SHALL READ THIS TO MY KIDS FOR BED TIME STORIES. They’ll be so smart!”
Teacher: “That’s overkill.”

Teacher: “so most children of illegal immigrants do not know that they are illegal until their parents sit them down and tell them th-”
Student: “YOU’RE ADOPTED!”


I’m going to be brutally honest, no judgment here:

I still watch Sesame Street.

I watch it every chance I get and laugh so hard at the witty sayings that they throw in, I’ve concluded that it’s more of a subtle adult show than a children’s show. Children wouldn’t get most of the jokes imbued in the program. It’s amazing.

What’s a show you watch that is totally not your age (other than porn, I really don’t want to hear you watch porn… -____-) but you find pleasure in? 🙂

(I started watching because I love Elmo almost as much as I love Winnie the Pooh).


“I’m special because my momma thinks I’m pretty.” Connor, age 8.

When I was in eighth grade, I pulled out a piece of paper from a childrens book. That was the content. It was on pretty white paper with pretty green swirls mixed in with blue and yellow. The content was too precious to be wasted in a dump. I folded it up so only the words showed and used it as my book mark for the rest of the year.

I kept on getting responses for it:

“Who is Connor?”
“Is Connor a girl?”
“Why do you have an eight-year-olds quote as a bookmark?”

My answers:

“Connor is an eight-year-old.”
“I have no idea, it would make sense. But quite honestly I hope he’s a boy. He’s pretty handsome.”
“Doesn’t it make you smile as well? Who cares then?”

I recently found the bookmark in one of my language precision novels (ie: Japanese comic books, or manga. 漫画) and read the comic. It was about a tennis player. And I remembered that it was hidden there because at the time I wanted to be a tennis player. I wanted to be pretty like the rest of my class. So in the midst of silent sustained reading. I’d stare at the comic I couldn’t read very well, stare the tennis racket the character was holding, and stare at the bookmark, hoping the words burned into my brain.

If it did, I don’t think I’d be mentioning it now.