In charge of… What?

I don’t remember if I posted my last experience in the kitchen. It was frustration and mayhem. Complete and utter mayhem. I don’t even know where to start in my experience.

My mother said: “because you decided to _______ in the __________ and you have less than _______ days left with me. Those days you will cook dinner.”

Mind you, my parents are very good cooks and I’m lucky to say that most days I have a home cooked meal. This came as a shock to me, as I’ve only started cooking in September.

I’m not kidding. All these years I’ve never helped out in the kitchen of had an interest in cooking. I had an interest in eating. I picked up a knife, a few tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppercorn, salt, tomato sauce, milk, and noodles and made my own pasta recipe mimicking my cutting style after what I had seen my parents do in the kitchen the few times I decided to watch.

My dad tasted it and deducted that I have a hidden talent for cooking and improvisation. Ever since then they’ve been pressuring me to cook.

Well, this is my dinner menu for the next week:


Sorry if its to the side, it reads:

Tuna casserole,
Baked pesto chicken,
Chili coke roast,
Bacon and cheese quiche (I specialize in quiches),
Honey pecan pork chops,
Easy chicken stroganoff,
Bubble pizza.

I’ve never worked with anything other than vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and eggs. So the chickens and the pork will be interesting, especially since the recipes call for me to do some extra work with them.

Off to cook! Tell you all about it later!

– Mem


So yesterday I went on a

    Junior Master Chef Australia

Frenzy and decided to make pasta.



And while making pasta I encountered this:


And because I didn’t have all of the materials needed, I failed to make it beautifully, so as a result, I will not post how it looked in the end.

Today I went to a friends house to make butter cookies. Miraculously I failed to make them look attractive as well:



I spent the entire day yesterday with my ratatouille recipe and this:


The beginnings of what could have been the biggest headache of my life.

So I catalogued as much of the cooking as I could.






This turned out to be the most ridiculously amazing thing ever to pass my lips. I felt my arteries clogging and it was amazing. I’m glad that J.K. Rowling introduced us to the idea of butterbeer!

And thank you amybites for the wonderfully simple recipe.