Little loves

I skyped my family for the first time in three months and saw my little loves, my dogs for the first time since I had left. They were the last things I saw when I left home and the first things I see when I log on.

My own dog. The one that hates everybody but me tried smelling for me, looking for my voice, scratching at the leg of the computer desk trying to reach me.

It feels great to be loved and missed.

In love

Oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my. I think I’m in love with:

Shunsuke the Pomeranian (ポメラニアン 俊介)

I mean I have two dogs already but my unhealthy obsession with teddy bears just went off the charts when I saw his little smiling face at me, wanting to hug and hold him.

Supposedly, when you look at cute things your concentration goes up. I sure hope the owner is the most productive person on the planet!


So the other day my father and I salvaged an old friend of ours from the boxes that moved us here to home home:


Immediately that sent us (actually me,) on a quest to find film and batteries with about 30 dollars in my pocket. After about twenty minutes our target was reached and we were golden for shooting.  (and I was penniless but still proud that I salvaged and restored a camera).

So we naturally took the camera across home home, across the world, down the valleys and through to woods and we would take it to Grandmother’s house if it were in walking distance.
Instead we pivoted on our feet and turned to the cutest things around our house, which are the following furry creatures:

I won’t lie, the top right is my favorite.


In my travels across home home, I spent a tranquil moment with my dad eating a Korean Barbecue.









It’s a wonderful moment when your father and you can talk about something other than life, our quarrels, how rebellion really works, and good children and of course our dogs.


We chose A Song of Ice and Fire. 🙂

Sims 3 plus dog shaving

I’m a big Sims 3 addict. It happened by accident and pretty soon the series multiplied and divided, squared and square rooted. It was pretty incredible and left little memoric with little spending money for college (at the time she was going to go).

So lately I’ve been doing just that. Creating fictional households that I can aimlessly control so for my own personal hubris, machinations and fun. Also to relieve myself from my long and tedious days that will only get longer and more tedious.

In other news I shaved one of my dogs today. To put it shortly I think he hates me now.l