In goulashes, an umbrella in my hand and a waterproof jacket, I braved the streets and traffic as I protected young runners from getting run over at the meet.

Naturally, I was never paid. My reason for being there was simple: I wanted to see my friends one last time. So for three hours I was collecting rain on my skin, getting honked at by cars and yelled at by coaches just so that one child did not get hurt.

“Where were you this entire time?”

“Facing the other way, directing traffic.”

“You never said hi.”

“There were too many people underneath the gazebo, you know how I am.”


“I know, I know.”

I did see James Bond “Skyfall” today and I was in love with everything especially Ben Whishaw, who I’ve been silently trying to follow his discography for ages. I love the title and the antagonist was very evil, but unrelatable, which broke my heart some. There always has to be some good in a person.

Skipping stones

My father and I, mother watching warily from a height above us, sat by the riverfront. I watch as the river swells, laughter rises, and beauty both diminishes and is soon replaced by the nighttime sky.

I wait until the sun sets the world on fire. I let this moment drag.

“Dad, I’ve never learned how to skip stones.”

“What kind of childhood have you had?”

A nomadic one, a cultural one, a confusing one thoughts flow into my head.

“The one you gave me.”

He bends down with his aching knees and has a fist full of rocks in his hands. He puts one into my hand and shows me how to throw it as if I’m still a child.

Moments like this make my mothers heart swell and my father regrets momentarily how much of a normal life I’ve never had. Then he laughs about it and realizes he could never change it. I’m eighteen now, I look and act nothing like a normal eighteen year old and that’s what makes me their child.

I continue to skip rocks until the fires dim out and the world is cold and cool again. I listen to the sounds of splashing in the canoes we rode earlier, the chanting of the temple we visited and although so much joy and beauty existed, I found my most favorite part of the journey was skipping stones along the river bank with my father watching the first ripple, create a second ripple, then a third, to sink into the bottom of the bank.

What was, what is, and what will be.

Rinoa Heartilly

Rinoa Heartilly.
Final Fantasy VIII.
Prisma Color Markers.
Reference used.

I’ve never used markers before. I’m more of a sketch/ painter but when I saw a discount on a 24 set of markers in home home, I mustered every dime I could and bought a set.

I fell in love immediately. I needed to try and show off my skills and too scared and afraid to be bold I used a character I personally love (and is significantly easier to draw) with a reference and came up with this result five hours later.

<a href=”http://www.prismacolor.com/products/art-markers/brush-tip-markers”>Prisma Color double tip Premier brush/ fine tip markers</a>


I’d like to think I have a great sense of humor, but I can’t really tell a joke that well; I’m far too analytical. In any case here are a few things I’ve heard in a while:

Teacher: “if two brothers go around claiming that they’re plumbers what are they?” (In terms of social class)
Student: “Iconic video game characters!”

Teacher: “Keep this accounting textbook and look at it often and remember me.”
Student: “I SHALL READ THIS TO MY KIDS FOR BED TIME STORIES. They’ll be so smart!”
Teacher: “That’s overkill.”

Teacher: “so most children of illegal immigrants do not know that they are illegal until their parents sit them down and tell them th-”
Student: “YOU’RE ADOPTED!”

League Of Legends

So I’ve gotten back into League of Legends and remembered why I stopped playing; because I couldn’t stop.

As I sit on my laptop with a friend behind me playing on the big screen and my father yelling commands to us it’s clear that we’re all learning something: teamwork in an intense situation.

Or bonding, in its own way.

Whatever the case, League of Legends has me trapped.

(Too bad I’m far too chicken to play player vs. player. XD)


In my travels across home home, I spent a tranquil moment with my dad eating a Korean Barbecue.









It’s a wonderful moment when your father and you can talk about something other than life, our quarrels, how rebellion really works, and good children and of course our dogs.


We chose A Song of Ice and Fire. 🙂

Sims 3 plus dog shaving

I’m a big Sims 3 addict. It happened by accident and pretty soon the series multiplied and divided, squared and square rooted. It was pretty incredible and left little memoric with little spending money for college (at the time she was going to go).

So lately I’ve been doing just that. Creating fictional households that I can aimlessly control so for my own personal hubris, machinations and fun. Also to relieve myself from my long and tedious days that will only get longer and more tedious.

In other news I shaved one of my dogs today. To put it shortly I think he hates me now.l