Is my favorite holiday even though Its in my least favorite season. As my sister used to say: look for the cemeteries in every big city.

In every situation theres a dark and light scene. Christmas is my light through winter.

I got a watch and two beautiful scarves. I received a lot more as well but most importantly i made two very good friends.

I havent smiled so much in a long while. The gift of giving is truly living.

A strange occurence


When i was at church i kept noticing the advent candles had wax drippings shaped like wings. I wanted to get a picture of all four all lit up but i got distracted by an old friend.

When i got back the candles were blown out. Dismayed i grabbed my phone and took a picture of the smoke.

When i started editing on EyeEm i noticed the nativity scene in the background – above the Manger there was a random speck of light. I checked later to see if there was a lightbulb there; there wasnt.


There’s a reason why I don’t believe in superstitions; Dreams, although they have some significance mean nothing to me, eye twitches, regardless of how often I get them and the verity of the superstition, I’ll still not believe it.


Because unlike the constants in life superstitions are the inconstant, they are presumptions passed on through variations of spoken word and text and differ from person to person. They may hold some claim but are not one hundred percent positive – why waste my time having faith in something that’s not going to happen continuously.

(Ironically, this is where some people laugh at me. I have faith because I chose not to have faith in anything else – does that make sense? Probably not. Basically, my faith is based off of noticing the small things that could only be possible by some supreme deity (deities?). I like being thankful for little things like hummingbirds (mentioned before as my patronus) and dirt, because we both need both to survive somewhere along the food chain. I need to stop digressing).

I mentioned the other day that eye twitches were good luck.

I don’t even want to explain what happened but basically I’m kind of praying that some miracle hits me hard and holds me tight for a while. I really need it, I hope Christmas will bring some good news my way.

Wonderful little day

“Sister, I don’t want to go home…” Are the first words I woke up to this morning. I don’t have a sibling living in the house at the moment. There was a five-year-old that I was babysitting and it was such a wonderful way to wake up in the morning.

I dressed and got ready for class. The teacher isn’t there so I will have to teach the class. Last time it was chaos. They overwhelmed me. I say a quick prayer before putting my coat on and walking out of the house and running to church. Hoping that God will provide me with the confidence needed to teach the class.

Well, nothing is ever perfect. I tried, I went, and they learned. Their eyes closing slightly at the early morning speeches and ideas. Then the hugs, and the energy came back and suddenly I felt as if I were somewhat successful. Somewhat.

I went to church, then went to the store to buy a homeless shelter some items. While there I met a newborn. Newly two days old with their parents walking, happy as ever. His small pink fists pressed against his cheeks as he breathes in and out, in and out and suddenly I’m overwhelmed with emotions.

I read a book “Son” by Lois Lowry, which makes me appreciate my mother, despite our differences. The emotions of Lowry and the loss of her son about 17 years ago rang so true through the novel. The reviews aren’t perfect; they never are, but despite the amazing novel “The Giver”, I find myself loving “Son”, even more.

After about two hours, cramped up in the middle of the aisle with cranky parents having to maneuver about my legs, my father calls me and tells me were going to “Rise of the Guardians”. I don’t normally see movies, I’m fidgety and cannot sit still but this movie had me on all three levels:

1) Jack Frost, the idea of him being a thin, long-legged, mischief maker with white hair sold me.
2) the quotes that were in the movie. Don’t ask me what they are now but I do remember I gawked quite a bit.
3) the Easter bunny when nobody believed him… And the sand man. Everytime the Easter bunny talked in his “non-believing mode” I was sobbing from happiness and joy.

And lastly a husbands love for his wife. He had this elaborate set up for his 25th anniversary and his wife fell sick. In short he had a parish involved and her brother to walk her down the aisle for a renewal of vows. But since she fell sick he did it all in the comfort of his house. She cried. He cried. I cried.

I wish days like this could come more often, but it will stay with me forever and ever.