four hours

So last night i went to bed at 4 Am. This is a first because i normally go to bed at 10 pm.

I was playing a video game with a new challenge: face evrry foe at 10 levels under the recommended. (you expand the crystarium (this is Final Fantasy XIII-2, which I’m glad they made because FFXIII greatly disappointed me) to the level you want. In this case completely underleveling).

So naturally i headed against a boss I wanted to face before going to sleep and it rattled my brain for four hours.

Whoever said that video games are brainless has never attempted to face a major boss underleveled.

Rinoa Heartilly

Rinoa Heartilly.
Final Fantasy VIII.
Prisma Color Markers.
Reference used.

I’ve never used markers before. I’m more of a sketch/ painter but when I saw a discount on a 24 set of markers in home home, I mustered every dime I could and bought a set.

I fell in love immediately. I needed to try and show off my skills and too scared and afraid to be bold I used a character I personally love (and is significantly easier to draw) with a reference and came up with this result five hours later.

<a href=””>Prisma Color double tip Premier brush/ fine tip markers</a>


I’d like to think I have a great sense of humor, but I can’t really tell a joke that well; I’m far too analytical. In any case here are a few things I’ve heard in a while:

Teacher: “if two brothers go around claiming that they’re plumbers what are they?” (In terms of social class)
Student: “Iconic video game characters!”

Teacher: “Keep this accounting textbook and look at it often and remember me.”
Student: “I SHALL READ THIS TO MY KIDS FOR BED TIME STORIES. They’ll be so smart!”
Teacher: “That’s overkill.”

Teacher: “so most children of illegal immigrants do not know that they are illegal until their parents sit them down and tell them th-”
Student: “YOU’RE ADOPTED!”

League Of Legends

So I’ve gotten back into League of Legends and remembered why I stopped playing; because I couldn’t stop.

As I sit on my laptop with a friend behind me playing on the big screen and my father yelling commands to us it’s clear that we’re all learning something: teamwork in an intense situation.

Or bonding, in its own way.

Whatever the case, League of Legends has me trapped.

(Too bad I’m far too chicken to play player vs. player. XD)


Oh my golly gosh, I just saw:


Yes I do realize that my location may be identified, but I’m too happy to care. You have no idea what I look like or what my name is though. 😀

In any case, for a moment I decided to become a broadway star, that is, if they allow me to sing in the bathroom throughout the whole performance because everybody knows I have severe stage fright. This show had me at the edge of my seat (not just because the seats were shallow and uncomfortable) and I was in the mix of sadness, elation, joy, confusion. All in the midst of beauty and wonderful sopranos, altos, and tenors.

What makes this show even more amazing is how the outcast can be a hero, even if the whole world shuns them and despises them. Everybody has some good in them, for some its just hard to reach. The good girl will always get the good man and everybody is happy but the bad guys.

But as always, where do I sit in this equation?

I’ve always been the outcast, I’m much smaller and thinner than my classmates and I’m quiet. I reflect a lot and have a lot of acne. (Cassandra Bankson you are my hero), and refuse to wear make up or anything that could cover up my insecurities because ironically, while I’m insecure, I refuse to cover it up because I like being natural more than being fake.

Everytime Glinda opened her mouth, her words rang in my ears. Her peppiness, her made up words, her desire to be loved and perfect. It rang all too true for me. Suddenly when faced with a major decision things shifted. I would have deviated from her path and followed what was morally right, rather than what’s right for everybody else. I’d rather take the silent hero stance over he popular one (once again my public speaking skills).

In the end though, things worked out, everybody was happy again and I’m sitting in reality, typing this up, still lost, still confused, still trying to find my way through life.

I do hope I find my Prince Charming.


I’m going to be brutally honest, no judgment here:

I still watch Sesame Street.

I watch it every chance I get and laugh so hard at the witty sayings that they throw in, I’ve concluded that it’s more of a subtle adult show than a children’s show. Children wouldn’t get most of the jokes imbued in the program. It’s amazing.

What’s a show you watch that is totally not your age (other than porn, I really don’t want to hear you watch porn… -____-) but you find pleasure in? 🙂

(I started watching because I love Elmo almost as much as I love Winnie the Pooh).


In my travels across home home, I spent a tranquil moment with my dad eating a Korean Barbecue.









It’s a wonderful moment when your father and you can talk about something other than life, our quarrels, how rebellion really works, and good children and of course our dogs.


We chose A Song of Ice and Fire. 🙂