A cafe

Wandering outside the house, walking, musing. Admiring all the people gathered outside for festivities. Getting pushed around by people and becoming slightly claustro/agoraphobic.

Lovely days and lovely nights, finding myself in a beautiful little cafe while tasting Sweet Potato Soup and people watching as the sky falls and the winds pick up the cool air, sending chills into our world and many huddle together for warmth.

capricious camera is fixed (for now)

I’ve complained about this camera loads of times, but I lost the receipt and to fix it is worth more than the camera. That said, I tried again and this time I managed to get the capricious child working for the past hour and it’s made me so happy.

In any case I share with you a redundant piece of work:









I think watercolor paper is the most beautifully romantic thing ever. This is probably 75% of the reason why I even got into Watercolors.

The above has been subject to five projects with me, two are shown on this site. I will post a marker drawing thanks to the art store here refilling and giving me the chance to experiment with a new medium.