In goulashes, an umbrella in my hand and a waterproof jacket, I braved the streets and traffic as I protected young runners from getting run over at the meet.

Naturally, I was never paid. My reason for being there was simple: I wanted to see my friends one last time. So for three hours I was collecting rain on my skin, getting honked at by cars and yelled at by coaches just so that one child did not get hurt.

“Where were you this entire time?”

“Facing the other way, directing traffic.”

“You never said hi.”

“There were too many people underneath the gazebo, you know how I am.”


“I know, I know.”

I did see James Bond “Skyfall” today and I was in love with everything especially Ben Whishaw, who I’ve been silently trying to follow his discography for ages. I love the title and the antagonist was very evil, but unrelatable, which broke my heart some. There always has to be some good in a person.


I’m going to be brutally honest, no judgment here:

I still watch Sesame Street.

I watch it every chance I get and laugh so hard at the witty sayings that they throw in, I’ve concluded that it’s more of a subtle adult show than a children’s show. Children wouldn’t get most of the jokes imbued in the program. It’s amazing.

What’s a show you watch that is totally not your age (other than porn, I really don’t want to hear you watch porn… -____-) but you find pleasure in? 🙂

(I started watching because I love Elmo almost as much as I love Winnie the Pooh).