Another writing. Very delayed.

There were days when Logan didn’t want to wake up. Today was one of those days. He rolled over to the side only to find the conclusion of his drunkenness. She was pretty – that much he was thankful for, but her name, age, bra size, voice? She held onto him in a way that said that she knew him.

“I’m different when I’m drunk.”

He thought to himself as he gently touched her hands to remove her grip. He was still in jeans, which meant two things: he chickened out, or it was very uncomfortable for her. He hoped it was the former, but his streak had tended to be the latter.

Mentally, he told himself he wouldn’t drink again, but he remembered the futility of the statement. Drinking made him look older, less handsome, more rugged. It also made him forget his own feelings.

“Honestly, I don’t hate them, I just never wanted to be one.”

He told himself as he dressed for work. The wardrobe he was given would have made any reasonable girl jealous, but he was unhappy. A model in his own right, he had commercials, magazines, and merchandise chasing after him, giving him clothes, money, and women. Lots of women. When he was sober he craved men, when drunk he craved women with low morals to satisfy the confliction in his heart. Maybe it was just a phase, but maybe could still shift from yes or no.

That worried him. As the car pulled up in front of the apartment complex he raised his right arm to hail it as his left hand was gently pried open to let another hand slip in.

“Logan,” beads of sweat rolled down his neck and he slowly shifted to the side to face her. She was calm, pristine, but why didn’t he feel anything for her.

“You need to tell the world what you told me last night. You’re so tense and conflicted, even when drunk you can’t hide from the world forever. You know. You’re a good guy, that’s what they portray you by. That’s who you are and you’ll always be, but you have to accept the fact you have an issue.”

“Please, get in the car, join me for work today.” He opened the door to usher her in.

“What is this for?” She asked incredulously.

“Anyone honest end with me deserves to know more about me, and I need to know them. Please, just talk to me. I hope and pray that with your honesty I can trust again. Sober.” With that said, she thought a moment before she went into the car.

“My name is Riley, and I’m not one of those girls you normally take home.” she said smiling, he held her hand and felt that foreign feeling, welcoming it with happiness.

“My name is Logan, and I’m more than a hollow, pretty face.”

A little fairy tale

Once upon a time…

There was a dark-eyed dreamer who drew her dreams on her notebook papers in class. Everything about her was dark – dark skin, dark hair and she hated it. She hated it solely because her heart was filled with light that would not shine through the darkness.

Now there was…

A bright-eyed boy who wrote letters in class. He believed in love, world peace, but most importantly happiness. He hated the darkness; he always believed that life would let light shine through.

She did find…

One of his letters on the ground. She are up his words, pulled the hair out of her face and smiled. Maybe with the letters guidance her darkness would go away -forever. Oh how she dreamed that she would change.

He did watch…

Her from afar and thought that she – even with her darkness – was the most beautiful girl in the world when she smiled. But he vowed to never let her know he existed until she found him herself. He left letters everyday, watching her darkness fade away and the light in her heart shine through.


nothing interesting today. A continuation written with minimal edits and streamlining, I’m just trying to get the words out and see how and where this goes.

Mirst Reicht Trekunse performed the healing rite in front of the crowd and for a moment everybody forgot the world and commented on his gentleness. They watched him as he slowly lifted the child from the floor and carried him to a warm bed. The blood stains had disappeared and the color was returning to the child.

“Mirst Reicht, how could we ever repay you?”
“See to it the child does not find himself in a similar predicament.” Trekunse shook some melted snow off of his uniform. His fingers were frozen from the dive into the water. The only thing that kept him going was the thought that if no one else can, then he would have failed in using his gift.
“But Mirst,”
“I’m no pendulum, no need for repayment.” Before they could say any words, the Mirst was relieved by a signal from the headquarters. He darted out of the metal house and surveyed his surroundings.

Sometimes, life in the metallic city was monotonous, it was forever cold and white. With rusted metal surrounding them, the city had five layers that stacked up and shielded the city in a cocoon during a particularly bad blizzard with, the metal creaked when it moved the layers and even then sometimes Trekunse believe he purposefully ignored it. There was no storm – getting to the headquarters was not easy when the cocoon wasn’t in place.

Trekunse ran to the elevator shaft and showed the signal. Immediately the line shifted and he found himself lying face up at the falling snow only to be pushed into a tunnel that spat him out at the headquarters. When he came to his senses he sprinted.

The hyrim waited, silent as ever. Trekunse took care to bow slightly before addressing.
“Rise Mirst,”
Trekunse stood straight.
“What is the reason of your visit.”
“You want to make me a hyrim.”
The hyrim stood up, revealing a long ornate gown laced with her element of water. Like all hyrim’s she had a bald head, but her nails were decorated with her mysteries. Trekunse was too far away to read them.
“Hyrim Gri’lip came to us with the idea, originally he wanted Enin,but seeing that Enin is now marked we had to go with the next best thing. I had some objections to it.”
The hyrim pushed Trekunse to the wall and pinned his wrists. She stared at them for a long while before he felt the warm sensation on his fingers, he cringed at the memory and she stood up.

“You are so calm and stoic now, but you have a temper that comes and goes as the summer winds. It’s not your time to be a hyrim, I needed to see that. Instead you will be the pendulum guide – they will always need a healer present. Especially when you have one that prefers to do his own thing.”
“The Kripd?”
“No, the silent one.”
As soon as she said that the Kripd was wheeled in on a bed while the pendulum was in chains with no expression on his face. Enin was the one restraining him.
“The Kripd tapped him on the shoulder and I suppose he panicked. Next thing you knew the Kripd is on the ground and the boy is standing above him, staring. He offered no contest. He was docile afterwards. But…” Enin eyed Trekunse warily.
“He is dangerous when provoked.”

Trekunse exchanged glances with everyone in the room a few times before he commented, his skin blanching, sweat beading on his skin and his eyes wide with fear and frustration.
“I’ll take him into the training rink.”
He darted out of the room as soon as possible and cried in the comfort of his own bed.


a continuation of a work in progress, I’ve nothing truly to write today.

The Jide and the Kripd rode back into the snowing city with the thin boy with the blue eyes sitting between them. The silence was accompanied by the whirring of wheels and crushing of snow underneath. The drivers talked amongst themselves and the Jide sat in silent expectation, wondering what he would say not that he was “infected”.
“Kripd, do you ever want to go home?” The Jide asked softly, the Kripd woke up from his light slumber and sighed softly.
“Everyday, but everyday I remember my home has disappeared into the dark rubble. How about you Jide?”
“Same as you, but I cannot for personal reasons.” The blue eyed boy sat motionless, staring ahead of him as if he were a statue. The Kripd softly tapped his shoulder and saw him flinch.
“Well, he’s not officially a robot.” He said matter-of-factly, the Jide smiled softly and watched as the thin boy looked softly toward the both of them without turning his head then resuming his position as a robot.

When the doors opened, the Jide blinked the snow out of his eyes and carried the thin boy into the facility. He smiled proudly at the Mirst (lieutenant) standing at the door, keeping it open.
“Mirst Reicht.”
“Jutedas,” the Mirst had a deep voice that matched his darker, more solemn personality. He was muscular and shorter than the Jide but was the same age. He was an impressive soldier, a patch on his left arm said that he was a healer and many questioned that. As gentle as this Mirst, Mirst Reicht Trekunse (Reicht is his family name) seemed to be, he had a temper as ephemeral as the Summer wind. And a gentleness as the spring flowers.
“Mirst,” the Mirst turned quickly to the Jide as he shut the door. He had short blonde hair and brown eyes, as everybody else. The Jide knew that the Mirst was staring at his eyes, knowing exactly what had happened.
“Jide, I will tell your sister.” The Jide smiled, knowing that the Mirst would find the words he believed he couldn’t say.

As the Mirst ran off, the Jide placed the boy on another examination table. The Kripd was taken in by the hyrim’s (the maesters) for questioning, namely why the Jide was doing all of the work. A knock on the door signaled the testing could begin. He opened it swiftly to a bald hyrim with a smile on his face.
“Enin Tra,” the Jide saluted quickly.
“Sit. Watch.” The hyrim eased the boy on the examination table and the only thing that the Jide could think was how the hyrim believed that he would replace him as the next hyrim. It was not his call, the Jide knew that and decided to go against the hyrim’s wishes and become a Connest, much to the distaste of the other hyrim’s. Truthfully, the Jide knew his path would be easier as a hyrim, but it wasn’t their decision, it was his.
“He can speak, he just refuses.” The hyrim pinched the blue eyed boys forearm and got a yelp.
“He seems fine, have you talked with your twin yet?”
“Mirst Reicht is retrieving her for me.”
“Trekunse, that boy will make a good hyrim, he’s the best healer I’ve seen in years, except for his temper. Has he asked her yet?”
“Kylin has told me nothing yet; I hope he does soon. I’d like for her to see a another man in her life.”
“I agree.” He said it so bitingly that the Jide knew immediately that her lust for her twin was more apparent to everybody but himself. The hyrim turned toward him and smiled softly.
“It’s a big burden you and this child have, one that will change the course of our history forever. I invite you to these.” The hyrim held out the white uniform of the Connest. The Jide smiled, thanked him and began to change clothes.

When his younger twin came in followed by the Mirst, he stood up in his white uniform to be promptly slapped by the blonde beauty. She was very different than her fraternal twin, long blonde hair and a beautiful face and nice body. Many junkies and Connest longed for her, but she only had eyes for one person – her brother. It broke his heart that somebody like Trekunse could love somebody so deeply but she would be completely selfish and oblivious. The Jide would not live forever, he would not save her forever.
“I’m so glad you’re okay!” She hugged him so tightly he was unable to correctly respond.
“Please, let go.” He mumbled and she did. She looked warily at the thin boy on the table.
“The abomination that started this all?”
“Not an abomination, a child. He has no idea what is going on.” The hyrim said calmly.
“Kylin, control your emotions.”
She turned her head sharply to the side.
“My only family is going to be written in history. Could you tell me what his mission is and what pendulum he is, pray he’s not the ash or the ice.”
“The dust,” the Jide answered.
“Your mission?”
“I cannot say,” she made a face and a noise.
“Ugh, you know how much I detest this situation.” She stormed out of the room. The Jide and the Mirst looked at each other until the Jide wiped some tears from his left eye.
“I didn’t do it, she’s too foul of a mood.” The Mirst said.
“I don’t blame you, do you think she’ll lay off me?” The Jide responded.
“I don’t believe so. I really don’t.” The Mirst looked dejected.
“Why does she harbor such feelings for you?”

The Jide clenched his fists and felt the scar underneath his eye. His eyes glazed over momentarily.
“For the longest time, I was her “savior”, everytime she was drowning or hurt, I was always there. I wanted to be a good brother, but I guess it backfired.”
“You do look better with green eyes.” The Mirst remarked.
“Thanks, I was uglier before…”
“No, you have a soul now.” The Mirst paced the room eyeing the thin boy on the table.
“We traipse about this earth like controlled beings, our eyes cannot be read and our souls are hidden from plain view. With your eyes you become a true human. You are given a choice, you break out of the system unintentionally. I’m still stuck within the system, make it work in your favor. Jutedas.”
The Mirst left quickly, leaving the hyrim, the Jide, and the boy in the room. It was silent for a long while before the hyrim spoke.
“He’s right. Follow your heart, create your own reality.” The hyrim left too, leaving the Jide and the boy in the room.

A writing

A piece of work from a work in progress of mine. Sorry I have nothing to write for today

The snow fell on any day except today in the northern skies, and the solid ice plains glistened as the snow touched the surface. It was one of those lucky days that any junkie, or soldier, even Connest in the F’yutien militia could be stationed there. Despite the frigidly cold temperatures still, the place was now bearable because of the sun.

The junkie in the snow scaper, a large blue machine that jutted out in the wasteland with many pieces of equipment attached to it, making it look like a monster in the dead expanse pushed his already spiked red hair up and wiped the sweat from his freckled skin. Like everybody else, he had brown eyes, and his rank was a Jide, a captain. A scar ran from just underneath his left eye to his chin, making him more prone to tears in that eye. He was ready to pass out.

He turned behind him to examine his accomplice, a white haired boy, a few years younger than he. He was sleeping as always, his mouth drooling and his lips curled up in a smile. The Jide had not slept since last morning, and the shift was killing him. He wondered if the boy would ever wake up and take some of the responsibility, as this would look badly on his Connest report.

Jide Enin Tra’s report is spotless, at twenty-four he was already boarded and interviewed for a slot in the Connest, the white army and the most advanced militia in Alfieria. Standing at about six feet, 160 pounds and an expert with a halberd, Enin’s calm attitude in the face of danger and gregariousness translated to being perfect for the Connest special forces. Few were considered at twenty-six, and he was the youngest to ever be considered by two years. His scores were perfect, his personality was perfect, his physical, height and weight, his only mar was his partner, the Kripd (Private) Haing Fuire, who was constantly ill. Everybody knew the Jide did all of the work in every assignment, it was unfortunate, but it also showed character.

Everyone knew that the Jide would be a Connest, everybody except himself because his interview was marred by a sleepless night due to a nightmare.

To make things easier, the Jide carried one of the machines to where he was seated now. His eyes red and exhausted, he failed to make out a wire and tripped, crushing the machine. His vision blurred and his left eye teared, while his right had blood drip into it.

“Jide Enin Tra, and Kripd Haing Fuire in the northern skies, something happened.”
“Jide Tra reporting, Hyrim (maester), I dropped the weather monitor, the surveillance is still activated.” Enin said quickly, too dazed and exhausted to clear his vision.
“Where is the Kripd?”
“Here hyrim, the Jide has dropped the machine because I took a relief in the bathroom, I instructed him to wait.”
The Jide followed the voice and scowled.
“Jide, is this true?”
“Hyrim, I cannot say it is not.” The Jide gave in sullenly.
“Kripd, why were you instructing the Jide?”
“Hyrim, I was…” The Kripd faltered and the headquarters responded again,
“Both of you will be reprimanded when you report back unless the Jide tells the truth. We have cameras in every snow scaper.”

The Jide wiped his eyes in relief. The Kripd blanched.
“Before I answer your question hyrim, I must ask, what medical disability does the Kripd have?”
“Kripd, are you using your medical condition as an excuse?”
“No… Sir I…” The Kripd stopped, so did the Jide, as they saw a previously unnoticed figure traipsing through the northern skies, then falling into the plains. The Jide suited up to the weather conditions and firmly instructed the Kripd to direct him, although he knew the way.

“Kripd, prepare the hypothermia kit and evaluation table.”
“Jide, Jutedas (understood)”
Enin got on the snow shield, a motorized vehicle with four-wheel drive and a glass cover built to keep heat in and drove to the location with the Kripd giving him frantic instructions. Once the Jide was there he grabbed his blanket and wrapped the figure – he could not see what it was – in the cloth and put it back on the snow shield, heating up them backseat slightly to prevent hypothermia.

He carried the item in and placed it on the examination table, heating it so that the body could regulate temperature again. The Kripd immediately began the examination while the Jide took the heavy uniform off and joined in.
“I’ve never seen clothing like that.” The Kripd pointed to the clothes on the floor. The Jide hadn’t either, and was beginning to worry.
“Wait…” Both the Jide and the Kripd stared as the boy slumped on the table. His body pale and thin with a yellowish tint and a mole underneath his right eye. There was a long scar running from his right shoulder to left hip. A necklace dangled from his neck and the Jide examined it.
“A crystal that has a mix of aquamarine, citrine, and pink quartz, so unique.”
“Blood pressure normal, breathing and heartbeat corrected, body temperature slowly rising, he wasn’t out there long, in fact when you got to him he must have only been there a a few seconds.”
“But the monitors…”

The boy jolted awake and the Jide gazed into his sky blue eyes. He knew what was going to happen and stepped toward the wall to brace the situation. An orange, decorative circle hovered in front of his face and shot a green circle toward the Jide’s which then sparked green into both of his eyes and disappeared. The Jide fumbled to see the crystal on his left wrist which changed from ruby to jasper brown.

“It’s begun,” the Jide fell onto his knees staring at the changed crystal. His eyes burning from the change of color, from brown to green. He looked up at the Kripd and said firmly.
“You, me, him. We’re all pendulums, we’re all going to change the world.”
The Jide stood up and wobbly walked past the boy who they found in the wasteland, he was dumbfounded. The Jide whispered loud enough for the boy to hear:
“You better be worth all of this.”


I’ve decided to participate in Nanowrimo (national novel writing month) AND learn sign language at the same time.


By writing a novel where the main character is forced to complete a goal in order to pass the school year and her goal was “to learn sign language”. And what better way to learn than to be forced to communicate with a deaf and mute girl?

I’m excited! I’ll be spending the next two days drafting ideas for the plot and when November comes I’ll be writing! 🙂

Anne Frank

I went to a restaurant with my parents and a friend today and pulled out a book. I noticed I got a lot of strange stares and when we got up to leave the manager stopped me and handed me “The Diary Anne Frank”, the 60th anniversary edition, unabridged, in full context AND the version that she intended to publish after the war. (Apparently there were two diaries, the long version, and the edited version).

After doing a bit of sleuthing, apparently today is the anniversary of when she found out she was going to Bergen-Belsen, where she would spend the last few months of her life. It is a gift from God and already I feel kind of attached to it; I’ve never been much of a diary person. In fact, to post on tis blog I have a timer that reminds me everyday to post.

I’ll keep reading, maybe there is something that I need to understand.