My journey

I am twenty years old, I’ve grown up in five different countries. I currently serve in the United States military and I am currently attempting to apply to one of the most prestigious service academies in the world.

The path to this decision wasn’t in any means easy; I am a shy woman, easily scared and unassertive. My voice often got lost in the midst of the voices louder than my own.

I find that my relationship with God, my personal values, and some of the experiences I’ve had allow me to be stronger than I ever dreamed, ever imagined. I’m on the road to learning how to teach myself how to believe in myself.

I have a long list of people who care about me, who help me when I’m down and encourage me to continue moving yet there are so many things I’ve yet to learn about myself.

But for you, who have stumbled on this blog. This is a brief synopsis of me:

– I am one of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet. I also have a tendency to attract some odd circumstances and would love to share my stories with you if you so ask.

– I am a self-made artist, my life revolves about fashion, cartoons, feeling vindicated through pictures and making people happy and feel good.

– I live my life in accordance to an empty and blank book. The pages that have anything on them have been scribbled in and represent me in my various stages. The book can tell you many things: I have tried to fit in, I have had my dark moments, I live in the present, and I have a future to unfold.

You can call me Memoric, or Mem for short. It’s close enough to my real name and it matches my personality. It also serves as the most amazing purpose on this blog. It’s a collection of memories, stories written to help describe the world in which I live.

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